Конференции, Cеминары, Олимпиады 2022
Конференции, Cеминары, Олимпиады 2022

Стажировки в Международном фонде сельскохозяйственного развития ООН

Международный фонд сельскохозяйственного развития (одно из учреждений ООН) приглашает к себе студентов и выпускников на прохождение краткосрочных стажировок, целью которых является знакомство с основными задачами фонда, обмен опытом и знаниями между странами-участниками МФСР.

Размер ежемесячной стипендии — $ 600. Максимальная продолжительность стажировки — 6 месяцев. Место прохождения стажировки зависит от наличия предложений со стороны стран-участников фонда. Подать заявку можно в любое время в течение года. В случае, если CV кандидата подходит требованиям фонда, заявка будет храниться в базе кандидатов на стипендии в течение года.

Требования к кандидатам:

  • студенты/ выпускники (недавно выпустились)
  • не старше 30 лет
  • отличное знание английского языка
  • гражданство страны-участника МФСР

Для оформления заявки на участие в стажировке необходимо до 24 ноября 2015 года заполнить специальную электронную форму и выслать на контактную почту internship@ifad.org

Информация на английском языке:

IFAD Internship Programme


The Internship Programme aims at promoting amongst the participants a better understanding of the United Nations and IFAD. The programme is meant for recent university graduates or students who specialise in fields of work relevant to IFAD’s mandate. Interns are fully involved in the work programme of the Division that has selected them to carry out assignments relevant to their studies under the supervision of an IFAD staff member.

IFAD maintains a roster of potential candidates. If applicants meet the following criteria, their curriculum vitae will be added to the internship roster and kept for one year as qualified candidates:
Be currently enrolled in a university or graduate school and have attended courses in the last 12 months; or
Have recently completed their university studies at the undergraduate or postgraduate level;
Be fluent in English. Fluency in other IFAD official and working languages is an asset;
Be of an IFAD member state
Be 30 years old or less.

Applicants must fill in an electronic IFAD Personal History Form specifying the expected month/year of graduation and submit it to internship@ifad.org.
Applications will be screened by the Human Resources division. Interns will be selected for positions as and when needed by hiring managers at IFAD. Candidates will be contacted by interested IFAD divisions.
Terms of employment

Interns will be paid the equivalent of an all-inclusive lumpsum amount of USD600 per month, less any payment received from a sponsor (if any). The payment will be pro-rated for periods of less than one month on the basis of 30 days per month.
Interns are not considered as agents or members of IFAD staff. They cannot represent IFAD in any commitment, accrue benefits or be entitled for employment. They may however apply to IFAD’s vacancies after their internship if they feel suited.
IFAD will be responsible for the third party insurance coverage while on the HQ premises and when travelling with an IFAD Travel Authorization.
Interns must carry their own medical insurance coverage valid worldwide, that covers for the cost of urgent medical care up to 30.000 EUR (per year) in line with the Schengen permit of stay requirement.
Internship assignments will be limited to a maximum period of six months with no possibility of extension under any other contractual type.
Close family members, other than a recognized spouse or domestic or common-law partner shall not be considered for employment by IFAD and will not be considered eligible for this Programme.
Interns will be required to sign a statement governing the IFAD Internship Programme at to the commencement of their internships.