Конференции, Cеминары, Олимпиады 2021
Конференции, Cеминары, Олимпиады 2021

Весенняя Школа «Новые измерения политического: Гея и Res Publica»

Международная Весенняя Школа «Новые измерения политического: Гея и Res Publica» пройдет со 2 по 9 мая 2020 года в Тоскане (рабочий язык – английский). Участие в организации принимают Александр Эткинд (Европейский университетский институт во Флоренции) и Олег Хархордин (Европейский университет в Санкт-Петербурге). Заявки на участие и мотивационные письма принимаются на английском языке до 15 января 2020 года на электронный адрес respublica@eu.spb.ru.

Подробная информация о школе:

International Spring School “New Dimensions of the Political: Gaia and the Republic”

In the midst of international turmoil, this century brings us back to the fundamental questions of social sciences:

  • Is nature – non-organic, living, and human – returning to its central place in political thought?
  • Is Earth or Gaia a better way to conceptualize this return? And what is the role of the state in the new constellation?
  • What is the modern, 21st century equivalent of the noble ideals and the classical tradition of republicanism?
  • Is Lucretius with his republican language of “atomic democracy” a better way to conceptualize res publica than Cicero?
  • What is the relation between republicanism and the thinking about the commons – can Gaia be a common thing or a res publica?
  • What are the causes of inequality and how they are connected to the climate crisis?
  • Which forms of political protest are viable and effective, and how do they depend on gender, class, and climate differences?

Working though these classical but partially forgotten questions, we will focus on three major concentrations: classical republicanism and its modern relevance; climate crisis and the modern state; nature in history and philosophy.This Spring School will take place at the picturesque premises of Fattorio Bacio in rural Tuscany. It is co-organised by the EUI and the EUSP, and professors from these two schools will lead the conversation. Organisers will cover lodging, most meals and (for non-EU residents) travel expenses. Preference will be given to graduate students of both institutions but we welcome applications from other universities, from the candidates with Bachelor or higher degrees in any relevant field of social sciences and humanities. The working language is English.

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Please submit your application including CV, 1 page of motivation letter, and a sample of an English language text relevant to the topic of the Spring School or history/political theory/political sociology to respublica@eu.spb.ru before January, 15, 2020.

Сайт школы: https://eusp.org/announcements/mezhdunarodnaya-vesennyaya-shkola-novye-izmereniya-politicheskogo-geya-i-res-publica